Fine Art Print “Winter Rose”


High-quality giclée art print of my original drawing “Winter Rose”. Reproduction is printed on Solution Smooth Royal Cotton paper (300gsm, 100% cotton) with archival inks, which ensures durability and longevity. The copy is hardly distinguishable from the original.

Size: A4 (21cm x 29.7cm)

Look, first snowflakes fall from the sky like shimmering diamonds carried by the north wind. The last petals slip away to join in swirling dance. And in this fleeting moment just between the worlds, the great parade begins making way for Her arrival. Do you hear that sound? Like gentle cracks of ice touched by the rays of the sun. It’s shy Frost, the white artist, who tells stories of Her beauty. When you see his silver flowers blooming on the glass and frozen fractals speeding up the dance… better go inside for the Pale Lady is close. Nature bends under her cold touch and all around freezes at her command. Lost to the warmth of the sun like porcelain her skin. The Queen of a silent kingdom with eyes of piercing hue. All creatures bow to pristine beauty beyond this world. From soft mist she emerges covered in a white veil with a winter rose in her hands. Once a year when her time comes, she walks across the lands in search of a kindred soul. Are you the one who matches her heart?

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What is a giclée print?

A giclée print is a high-quality reproduction crafted using specialized inkjet printers and archival-quality inks. Renowned for its exceptional detail, vibrant colors, and longevity, this printing method ensures that each print faithfully captures the essence and intricate details of the original artwork. Printed on premium archival papers giclée prints offer a museum-quality aesthetic, making them an exquisite choice for art collectors and enthusiasts alike.



* The colors of the print may differ slightly from the ones you see on your screen
* Size A4 (21cm x 29.7cm)
* Hand-signed by me – the artist

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