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Please feel free to reach out and get in touch! I’m open to commissions, collaborations, or other interesting artistic challenges 😊

If you find something here that catches your eye but you’d like a different variation or perhaps you have a vision of your own and feel my style speaks to you, please don’t hesitate to contact me. I’d love to move more towards private commissions and have a conversation with collectors so that together we could bring something magical to life.

I’d love to expand towards fantasy illustration, I’m particularly interested in book covers and cards. I’m an avid bookworm, I love storytelling, and I dream of becoming part of this heritage. I’m open to opportunities.

Fill out the contact form below or write me at

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    Marta Witkiewicz

    I invite you to take a walk through parts of my world. I hope you will take a spark of magic with you 😉