Hey! My name is Marta and I am a Polish traditional artist currently living in Spain.

Growing up in the Slavic countryside surrounded by animals and green fields of grass ingrained in me a deep love for the natural world and folklore. Especially realms of forest often appear in my creations both visual and written.

Without access to many goods, I’ve developed rich imagination creating my own worlds and fantastic stories. This deep desire to be able to create on paper everything I imagine and pursue in life what I love pushed me to leave my country in search of knowledge, techniques, and tools.

During the years of atelier-style education focused mostly on strict classical approaches, my heart was divided between fine art and fantasy illustration. In my personal works, I aim to build bridges between them – using the foundations that I’ve learned and storytelling to create my magical worlds and characters.

I’m working mostly in graphite at the moment. Its range of subtle shades allows me to convey this dreamlike, almost ethereal atmosphere which I love. Since I work in a rather low-key scheme, people who describe my works often use words like “soft”, “delicate”, and “velvety”. It seems that softness became my trademark.

I invite you to take a walk through parts of my world. You will find there my love for nature, folklore, whimsical stories, and secrets of the mind. I am very grateful for all the support you give me because this helps me to keep doing and sharing with you what I love. I hope that looking at my art will ingrain in you this spark of magic and a sense of wonder that I feel every time I create a new piece of art. Allow yourself to dream and let it drive you 😊

Group Exhibitions


“Hanafuda” – Haven Gallery, New York, US

“Brings May Flowers” – Arch Enemy, Philadelphia, US

“Hans Christian Anderson” – Haven Gallery, New York, US


“Bestias Pardas” – ESDIP, Madrid, Spain

“Spotlight Showcase” – Arch Enemy Arts, Philadelphia, US

“Monochromagic 4” – WOWxWOW, online show

“Poison Garden” – Antler Gallery, Portland, US

“Of land, sea & sky” – Haven Gallery, New York, US

“Little Big VI” – Haven Gallery, New York, US

“Labyrinth of dreams” – WOWxWOW, online show



Feature in Infected by Art vol 9

Feature in Infected by Art vol 10

Chesley Award Nominee – Best monochrome unpublished 2020