Athena, one of my favorite goddesses. I think it was the most challenging drawing I’ve made during my training in the atelier. I chose her because I knew she was beyond my level at that moment. One part of me wanted to take something easier… but in order to grow, we need to choose harder paths, paths that will humble us and teach on the way. Honestly, I wanted to give up many times, the amount of details was overwhelming. But it’s like climbing a high mountain. There are many times you think you can’t go any further. You must center yourself here and now thinking only about one small step at a time. You can achieve so much more than you think. Sounds cliche, but truths are simple. Once you go all the way and push yourself through hardships, you gain new confidence. Later in the moments of doubts, which will come, you can go back and think “I fucking did it!” So there is no reason you cannot do it again:)