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About the store and my products

What is the order processing time?

Depends on the product it takes me between 1-3 days to prepare an order for send. I have couple of items in my store (like prints bigger than A4 or framed prints) which I order on demand. This might take longer, between 4-5 days, since prints are prepared by the outside company in UK and the frames are custom made.

How long does the shipping take?

It depends on each country as well as shipping method you choose. The upgraded option with a tracking number takes shorter to arrive.

*Please note that because of the current situation with the pandemic all the shipping might be delayed.

Estimated times for standard shipping (without the tracking number):

Spain (locally) 3-5 business days

Europe 7-10 business days

North America 7-14 business days

Rest of the world 7-14 business days

I’ll do my best to meet these shipping estimates, but cannot guarantee them.

What is the shipping cost?

Costs are dependent on your location as well as the shipping option you choose. Some products must be very well packed, which require an extra material. The heavier the item is, more expensive is to ship. You will see the shipping options and costs automatically on the checkout.

What payment methods can I use?

I’m connected with Stripe, so you can use all the major credit cards as well as PayPal.

What should I do if the payment is not accepted?

Please try again I a little while. If the payment is still not accepted, check your account balance. If everything is as good as it should, but you still can’t make the payment, please contact me directly at and I will manage the order manually.

Can I track my order?

The tracking is available only with an upgraded shipping option. It’s a bit more expensive than the standard shipping (which is sent without the tracking) but the order arrives faster and you will get a tracking number once the item has been sent.

How will my order ship?

That depends on the product. Fine art prints as well as originals without a frame are shipped flat in a protective cellophane sleeve and backed with a hardboard. Framed artworks, especially with the glass are carefully packed with bubble wrap and extra cartons.

Can I cancel my order?

I don’t accept cancelations, but please contact me if you have any problems with the product.

Can I return or exchange the product?

You can return or exchange the product if it arrives to you damaged. In that case contact me at within 7 days from receiving your order. You pay for sending it back and I replace the product and send it to you again free of charge.

How do I take care about the print/original art?

Fine art prints as well as unframed original artworks will arrive packed in protective cellophane sleeve. Before taking it out be sure that you have frame with the glass prepared. Put the art directly into it to avoid any damage or contact with humidity, which could warp the paper. Experts say that giclée prints can last unchanged even for hundred years! To make it happen be sure to keep them away from the direct sunlight.

What the f is Giclée?

Giclee prints became popular among the artists during the last decade. They are known for the highest museum quality – a reproduction that can be hardly distinguished from the original artwork. Printed by large format inkjet printer with the use of archival inks ensure a very long lifespan and the durability of the print. Paper used is usually cotton with different type of finish/texture, so it can match perfectly the original.

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