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I should have made this post a while ago, my apologies. I’m still trying to work on a better organization while juggling with everything. This year has really been crazy so far for me. I’ve been invited by a couple of galleries for the first time ever! Still can’t believe it, exciting and a bit stressful at the same time. It really shifted the way I work, think, and approach things. About that in the whole separate post, since there is a lot to talk about 🙂

Meanwhile, I want to share with you that two of my drawings are part of group shows and are currently on display. “Poison Garden” exposition at Antler Gallery in Portland runs until the 26th of September. You can see my drawing “Under a veil of the night” hanging there among so many wonderful works! The green scenery that owners and curators, Neil and Susannah made is just perfect and completes the whole. You can see it on their Instagram tv. For inquiries or any information you can write directly to them at gallerist@antlerpdx.com You can see all available works here

“Under a veil of the night”

“Daughters of the Night Sky” drawing is part of the “Of land, sea and sky” show at the amazing Haven Gallery in New York. If you are around you can see it in person until the 12th of September. You can also check the whole collection online here! I am so thrilled and beyond happy, it was always my dream to expose my works there. For inquiries or any questions contact Erica at info@havengallery.com

Here is a little video of how my work presents itself there. Exciting! (p.s. I almost didn’t make it on time! I think I’ve never worked crazy hours like that 😀 )

“Daughters of the night sky”

Lastly, you can also see “The Keeper”, which was part of the “Monochromagic 4” online show at WoWxWoW Gallery. Currently the drawing is in the gallery’s inventory, available to purchase here 🙂

“The Keeper”

I honestly still can’t believe that it all happened to me only this year. I am so happy and beyond grateful! Still a bit anxious and with self-doubts here and there… But I am motivated and trying to just show up every day at my desk and do my best hopefully growing and learning in the process.

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